Saturday, 18 April 2009

but just my luck, i fell in love

Coursework stress is really taking its toll lately, stress mostly, as well as exam worries.

Seems everything is building up now, and it seems everyone thinks I'm fine. I wish I was, but I know I'm not. I have so much on my mind and I can't even weigh it up. My own problems are always pushed aside and left to build up whilst I try my hardest to help other people, yet I don't even seem to be helping other people lately. I'm feeling pretty, I guess, useless? Unfunny? I don't seem to be worth much time with some people no matter how much time I'm willing to give them and it can really hurt me. I also wish I could stay out of people's business, but I guess that's who I am.

I guess keeping those things that bother you inside and not putting people in awkward situations when they realise is the best thing to do, that's what makes people good friends, I think.

Staying at Sam's was good as ever, and the concert was pretty good, but it's left my neck seriously hurting, but saying I'm not somewhat jealous of his new car would be a lie, but I'm really happy for him. It's a Ford Ranger Wildtrak and it's awesome.

I wanted to write a lot more in this blog but I've fogotten it, so I'll probably write another one when I'm less fucked up.

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