Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I've been noticably less worried than I had expected about these exams, so I guess that's good, as it helps me relax a bit.

So far we've had Art, which I think went pretty well over all, I got what I needed to finished.
RS, I feel that went pretty well too, possible A, but definitely a B I reckon.
Maths Non Calc which I was very pleased with. I'm pretty bad at Maths (well, really bad) and I found it pretty easy, and answered all but 2 or 3 questions. If the grade boundaries aren't too high, I might even get an A, but that's being very optimistic. A B would make my day.
English Lit went well, although I didn't get everything I wanted into the last part of the second section. I wrote 10 pages which I found astounding, hopefully not much of it was rubbish and once again I may get an A.
Finally, ICT. I feel, again, that went pretty well. I was expecting death after the mock exam, but this is the first paper, which is known to be the easier one. I know atleast one question I got wrong, but hopefully some good marks on there. A or B again.

Overall I'm quite happy with how the exams are going thus far, and only one more tomorrow for 45 minutes then a big break for half term which I'll definitely get some revision in.

On a more negative note, my hayfever is back in action and I'm having to request tissue in exams. :(

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