Sunday, 15 March 2009

el fin de semana

This weekend has been a good one :)  I'm becoming rapidly closer with Sam and it's great, he's such a good friend to me and he always eats his tea, and everything else in sight ;D

Friday we arrived home after non uniform day, inwhich I didn't get to see Ellie unfortunately :(  Warhammer Club was alright actually, Amy Revans was there and was fun to talk to, as was Jason Allen, and I also aquainted myself with Claire Tarpey who seems nice, and is quite attractive!
We had some funs, playing on xbox and that, and ate minstrels :)  it was good, and we went to bed quite early, liek, 1.30am!

Saturday we got up early because the kids outside were playing, so I rushed onto the PC so I would get the good chair :)  then we checked train times and stuff, then I was really late at getting ready so we was going to miss the train, but we got the bus instead, which was quite long, and I told Sam about Lady Jane's Health Studio :'D  then we got to Manchester and got off the bus and liek, this totally gorgeous girl got off :P  anyway, irrelevant from that, we had a good day of shopping around and stuff, I bought some new kissy boxers from Topman, and then we got into Watchmen with Annabel, which was awesome (YES, DR. MANHATTAN HAS A PENIS, GET OVER IT), then we were on the way home, and Sam bought some sweatbands for £5 from Topman, and some guys in there thirties bought one of Sam for £20 (LOL) and he made his made bet to wear it for 6 months, ALL THE TIME (even during sex!). Then we went home and my mum had bought us some big bottles of Smirnoff Ice, so we drunk those and were having fun and stuff.

Sunday we got up early again and didn't miss the train this time. We went into Manchester and went straight to the food court, and consumed more food, except before that we saw the St. Patrick Day's Parade, and struggled aimlessly to find a way into the Arndale. Then we met with Jason Allen and we wondered Manchester aimlessly again, then sat outside a pub and consumed our other 2 big bottles between us, which was fun :)  then we got MORE food and began home on the train, and this rather attractive girl sat next to me.
Then when we got off, we wondered back up home, walking from Hollinwood to my house for the forth time. Achey legs :'D  We got home and Sam had a quick game on COD 4 before his dad came, which was sad :(  oh and Sam threw his bag near the train station, and a Smirnoff bottle smashed :')

And the rest of the night I've just been chatting happily to my friends, and showing Ellie my new boxers ^_^  

It's been a good weekend, I've met a girl on msn called Shannen from Scotland who's rather fun to talk to :)  and I met Claire who seems nice, and I'm still having fun talking to Ella, and Sam is awesome, and I love Ellie to bits so much :) JUNE ;D

This has been a good change

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