Wednesday, 18 March 2009

just lucky we're alive

My mind is all messed up again.

Spring is finally kicking in and I really like the good weather, it's less depressing than freezing cold. Lunch was quite pleasant, it was nice to be sat on the steps again with everyone there, but I felt kinda out of place for some reason, I just ended up trying to go to sleep when Ellie had gone in but I was thinking too much so I didn't actually fall asleep, but someone stroked my hair which was nice, I think it was Annabel.
Things remind me of late summer last year when I was still with Annabel, just having someone to hug, cuddle, kiss, whenever and know they would appreciate it, except today I was just kind of sat there, I just want to feel special to someone..

And finally, a ridiculous amount of coursework isn't helping things, along with slow music, everything just gets to me every once in a while, and there's nothing anyone can do really, but I appreciate if someone tries.

I just want a hug right now off my best friend.. one day I'll find some way to express how much I love her.

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