Thursday, 12 March 2009

where i was lost for good in outer space.

Pretty bad day over all. My sleep last night was terrible, kept waking and thinking and not being able to sleep again, it's like one of the worst things ever because there's nothing you can do.
Then in Art I got wound up about how I work slowly and ended up snapping and being grumpy outside at my friends, although I was told 'all girls are more sensitive than boys' which, while being ironic, really got to me, although I tried not to say anything; sorry to anyone I upset though, I didn't mean it.
Spanish, as usual, was bad. Once again a late homework and then we spent the whole double doing a listening test (which I did surprisingly well in).
Business Studies we had another double lesson test which I finished early, although Jake and Callum cheered me up at the start by finding me funny, heh.
Got my resit results at the start of lunch and now I have 3 B's in all of them, which is still lower than what I expected but there's not much point in dwelling on it, it was my own fault for not revising as usual. Then just sat in Sam's form room having a chat which was different.. I prefer being outside.
End of lunch then I had physics which I was clearly depressed in, he didn't even mind that I'd not done the homework and that I was listening to my iPod (Kill The Messenger - Jack's Mannequin), and I went to the toilet and just sat for a bit and thought out of the way.
End of the day was Art which was also depressing, I nearly cried when I realized how behind I am on coursework, especially with everything else on my mind pushing closer. Also went to the toilet a few times just to sit and reflect on things, strange that no one asked what was wrong considering everyone was having a laugh and I was in the corner with my iPod on.
Mergg, there's more to it, this sounds pretty pathetic really, but I just can't work out shit right now.

Last night was great though, the gig was amazing and being with the people I were with was fantastic, thanks everyone.

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